Baby Trey Newborn Pics

Ok, here’s the deal:  I don’t typically post this many photos for a sneak, but HAVE YOU SEEN THIS KID? Also, he’s my nephew. So you know. Pics on pics on pics..

1 Newborn gray chevron 1 2 Newborn bow tie cream wrap
4 1 Newborn bow tie edit
5 Newborn faux fur bow tie 6 Newborn faux fur bow tie pull back 7 Newborn yawn
9 Newborn black and white blanket 10 Newborn burlap blanket 1 11 Newborn burlap blanket 2 12 Black and white newborn burlap blanket 13 Newborn boy baseball 14 Newborn boy superman black and white 14 Newborn boy superman first 14 Newborn boy superman flying 15 Newborn hands on chin pose 16 Newborn cocoon
18 Newborn neck tie 19 Newborn mom holding feet 20 Newborn dad holding head 21 Newborn dad kissing baby 22 Newborn dad looking at baby 23 Newborn dad nose to nose 24 Newborn crying black and white


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